For the Birds

One of my earliest memories is of  watching my adored grandfather talking to his blue parakeet as it perched on his finger and hearing the bird call my grandfather by name. Over 55 years later I can still see that bird tilt its head and hear it say “Fritz.”

Perhaps that is why I am fascinated by birds and their ways. I’m not a birder. I don’t make early morning treks to tick species off on a list. I’m more interested in observing their behavior.

  • I loved watching as a flock of cedar waxwings cleaned every berry off a holly bush outside my kitchen window in just a few hours and while we lived there I eagerly awaited their arrival each spring to repeat the feat.
  • I jumped at the chance see bald eagles nesting near my sister’s home in the Finger Lakes region.
  • Our evening walks around the neighborhood come to a standstill when we hear one of the barred owls that live among us hooting.
  • I snapped twenty pictures of this owl sleeping in broad daylight just four feet from our hiking trail on a recent visit to Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. He didn’t move a muscle.


This weekend I’ve been watching the OKC Owl Cam. The pair of great horned owls nesting on a planter balcony of a home in Edmond, OK have hatched their first chick. I’ve followed Mr. and Mrs. Tiger (named because of the stripes on their backs) through several seasons and was heartbroken when Mrs. Tiger was found dead from a gunshot this winter. Happily, Mr. Tiger found a new mate. The new Mrs. Tiger after abandoning two pairs of eggs in cold weather has successfully hatched a third pair. Mr. Tiger has “stocked the pantry” with a bird, several rodents, and part of a rabbit.

I have yet to see the chick, so I’m sure you’ll understand if I get back to my observation. Feel free to join me.





Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

3 thoughts on “For the Birds”

  1. I love the way you moved into this piece with a memory that solidified your draw. I also really appreciate the the way you structured this — your mix of observation and reflection.

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