The Bottomless Pit

I confess. My purse is a bottomless pit.  I clean it out as part of my vacation prep. Unfortunately, I haven’t been on a trip since early August. Now Spring Break is here and I’m heading to my daughter’s so I decided to start the excavation work.  What did I find?

  • Three packs of gum with two pieces in each pack
  • a very flat granola bar (I don’t eat granola bars except as emergency food when traveling, so I’m pretty sure it was at least eight months old)
  • a crossword puzzle to work on the plane (last August)
  • about five pounds of change loose in the bottom
  • a used ticket to a performance of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at the community theater. The performances were great, the play not one of my favorites.
  • two Starbucks gift cards (score!)
  • at least ten pens (why can I never find one when I need it?)

I have tried numerous management techniques to cure my purse problems.  For several years I carried tiny purses so that I would be forced to clean them out.  I’ve tried different styles of wallets and inserts.  Then I got a bigger phone that I actually carry and a journal that I like to stick in my purse and I had to graduate to something larger.  Now I’m right back where I started.

I have another trip scheduled in June, so maybe the pit won’t be completely full by then!




Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

11 thoughts on “The Bottomless Pit”

  1. I totally get this! I cleaned my laptop bag the other day – found a total of $89 and 47 random pens. I think I use my bag almost as a catch all, just dump random things in it until nothing else can fit. I tried buying a smaller bag but that did not help at all.

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  2. Here’s my trick! Bags in a bag!

    1. small zipper pouch for pens, headphones, & stylus

    2. small zipper pouch for chapstick & beauty products

    3. small zipper pouch for gift cards & coupons

    4. wallet

    All my pouches have different textures (by accident) patent leather, canvas, & a silky freebie from a cosmetic counter. The different textures allow me to find the one I want without looking! Great when I am driving and have kick for chapstick!

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    1. I do have a zipper pouch for makeup. Maybe a few more would help. Change and receipts are my worst problem. Too easy to just stuff it in there at the register. Maybe I should adopt the habits of the younger generation and charge everything. My daughters laugh at me for carrying cash.


  3. Mary Poppins is my spirit animal. I am in long waiting for a purse scavenger hunt where I win it big because I have a Hot Wheels car with three wheels and an old school baby pin. I have a pair of safety scissors (that I sworn for three years “I have to get these out of here!!”) and an expired coupon for contact solution. The diamond in the rough is the quarter I need to get a cart at Aldi.

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  4. I am so right there with you! I read all the other comments with fascination, especially Deb’s! I wonder if I could pull that off! Probably not! :(( Actually my whole life kind of feels like your purse right now.

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  5. Funny. I was just thinking I need to clean out my purse as I pawed through it again and again, looking for my little bottle of ibuprofen. I wouldn’t even want to list what’s in my purse! I thought I might try what Deb Frazier suggested. My purse, though, ends up being the receptacle for anything my boys don’t want to carry. Perhaps I need a pouch for each of them as well? It’s worth a try! Thank you for writing this; it feels good to know I am not alone!

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