Things that made me laugh today…


I’m halfway through the March Slice of Life challenge. Until today, finding topics has been easier than expected and I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought.

I’m struggling today and sort of want to whine about it so instead I’m going to list the things that made me laugh today. I love to laugh. I always feel better on days when I have a good laugh. Some months I even put it in my habit tracker of my bullet journal just to see how many days a month I can remember actually having a good belly laugh.

Here are some things that made me laugh today:

  • A conversation between my husband and grandson in our hotel this morning.
    • “Let’s go downstairs to breakfast.”
    • “But I always watch the Wii before breakfast.”
    • “Can you spell flexibility?”
    • “No, but I can sound it out,” responded our very confident Kindergartener.
  • This girl who won’t wear a real hat for anything but is constantly putting on buckets or bowls.

  • This same girl lying flat on her tummy on the river rock that was installed in their yard this morning. I’d love to know what she was thinking.
  • The silly names that we were assigned by the Lucky Leprechaun Chart on Facebook. We had a giggle over the aunts named Paddy McStumpy, Lucky BeJesus, and Smiling Sparkly Pants.
  • My grandson jumping out of his skin when I made a noise in the kitchen while I was writing this post. He had been playing in his room for a while and I think he forgot I was here!

Here’s to more laughs tomorrow!





Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

7 thoughts on “Things that made me laugh today…”

  1. My class needed a pick-up one time so kept a classroom log of what made us laugh each day. Kids shared individually and then we did it as a class. There was often much laughter in the retelling. We don’t have enough laughter in our classrooms, in our homes, in our hearts. We need it for healing.

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