6-Word Stories

I was looking through my bullet journal the other day and came across my half-finished 6-word story challenge from May.  The challenge from @pageflutter on Instagram gave me a theme for each day.  The task was to write a story using only 6 words. I based my stories on children’s books.   Can you guess the titles?

  1. SUMMER:  Summer adventure with lively, loving sisters.
  2. SCANDAL:  Stolen apples? Rumors spread. Lesson learned.
  3. THE QUEEN:  “Ouch, lumpy bed!” said future queen.
  4. CHOCOLATE:  Golden ticket gives Charlie chocolatey future.
  5. CLOSE CALL: Long narrow holes beckon ants–ZAP!
  6. FOLKLORE:  House with chicken legs? Run fast!
  7. THE GIFT:  Jonas receives society’s memories-a gift?
  8. DREAM COME TRUE: Gown, glass slippers, dancing ’til midnight.
  9. ABOUT A DOG: Supermarket stray helps girl find home.
  10. CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Nancy and friends solve every mystery.

Having a place to collect monthly challenges is one of the things I love about my bullet journal. Maybe I should write these stories on sticky notes and use them to promote some of these books.



Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

10 thoughts on “6-Word Stories”

  1. I love the six-word story challenge! I love the possibility this invites for students and their own writing too — how do we tell a story in six words? Is it possible? What does it look like? Thanks for sharing!

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  2. When I saw your title, I had to visit. I love six-word stories and love how you crafted them around children’s lit. I’m pretty sure I was able to figure out most of them.

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    1. 1. The Penderwicks
      2. Mr. Peabody’s Apples
      3. The Princess and the Pea
      4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      5. Two Bad Ants
      6. The Door by the Staircase (a BabaYaga story)
      7. The Giver
      8. Cinderella
      9. Because of Winn Dixie
      10. Nancy Drew


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