Acrostic poetry

It’s time to read Steven Schnur’s Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic to my first grade classes.  I’ve already read Autumn and Winter.  I make them guess the acrostic word for each poem.  I told my class today that we don’t have the Summer book and that it’s out of print.  Their teacher thought it might be fun for them to write their own book of Summer poems.  What a great idea!

Here’s a start for them:

A picnic guest

Not invited

To dine.


Balls and blankets packed.

Everybody in the car.

Arriving to see waves

Crash on the shore

Hitting feet with sparkling water.


Cobs and husks are the

Only thing left behind.

Remnants of a golden feast

Needing only butter.




Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

5 thoughts on “Acrostic poetry”

    1. I do each of the seasons. My class today was really on top of it and were able to guess most of the words. Although there were a few random guesses that didn’t start with the right letters. I’m anxious to see how the rest of my first grade groups do. I love those books! So much in them as the year progresses.

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