Fortune cookies

After a quick trip to Minute Clinic in Target, I crossed the parking lot and picked up dinner:  Hot and Sour soup and Kung Pao Chicken.  Spicy and hot to help relieve sinus pressure.  And, of course, fortune cookies.  I got an interesting combination of fortunes today:

Do I dream of writing a book? No, but I am a lover of words and this challenge has opened my mind to possibilities. Who knows what the future holds? Probably not the person who put those little slips of paper in my fortune cookies, but maybe it’s time to start dreaming!

Fortune cookie dreams

slips of paper bringing hope

sweet for tongue and heart



Author: Carol1006

Wife, mother, grandmother. Elementary librarian. Avid reader and lover of children's literature (and the occasional adult book). I jump at any opportunity to learn something new.

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